Seminar Poem inspired by Frost’s A Dream Pang


I want you to know that that time when I

broke the dog’s leg with the lawn mower

and blamed it on our daughter

and called you a whore for not believing me (which is reasonable because honestly

I don’t even believe me all the time, like the time I forgot about the

wheat bread, and told you they only had white bread, and you know I prefer white bread so you saw through it and I apologize and you

said alright, but the kind of alright that isn’t alright, that reminds you of your parents and how they know what kind of bread you like and reminds you of that one argument we had where I explained, very clearly, very sensibly, and very poignantly how I’m different from them, how I’m my own person and you cried and Marsha cried)

and then you shrank me down to the size of a peanut

and fed me to your ex,

and I woke up crying a little bit and didn’t wake you up, even though I would

tell you in the morning because I thought

it was funny,

That was all likely caused by the tiramisu from the night before

and the clam whose shell didn’t open.

Whereas the bed we sleep in and the car we drive

were not made by me

but they were bought by me (by us)

from work and time.

From waking hours we spent

not unconscious seconds.

The kind of dreams you have when you’re young

The kind they ask you to fill out in a form

Fill in the blank



Stable relationship without any debt


Those dreams are what I believe in

We don’t even own a lawn mower.


ATM machine

ATM machine

Every time

I heard something cool or interesting my first thought is a fear that I’ll forget it, which isn’t a good thing.

So I was

watching this Swarthmore DVD and thinking to myself which of the students I was going to end up being like, then I realized how stupid it was to think that, and how stupid college videos are.  #beingmyself #christmaseve #iambeatiful #ineverysingleway #andwordscantbringmedown #hashbrown #merrychristmas #motherfucker #cursing #parentalvisionadvised #christmas

Do you ever wonder

about the fact that no one’s normal?  What is normal?

I don’t who the you in the title is addressed to xD

My new Favorite thing to draw is Spiderman if he existed in the 1920s.  

Doc Oc worked at a factory where he was adept at machinery, but the coal fumes caused a loss of vision in one eye and sever brain damage, resulting in his manic personality.  

Venoms strength comes from working on the docks all day.  


will find a way to get used to anything

Prioritization is weird

I thought for a second if I should prioritize things based on how I would feel if I lost the thing.

A Good Grade - Yeah I’d be upset, but C’est La Vie

Friends - Yeah, that’d be fucking terrible, jesus christ.

And then I think about you and have to make myself stop imagining such a world.  And I want to tell you I love you even though that’s considered a faux paux.  So I’ll just leave it here.  

When I was younger

I really wanted a rock tumbler, but my dad reminded and persuaded me that I would be far too impatient to wait a month for smooth rocks.

Also my mom would yell at me whenever I said “oh man”

This is also another tumble just for future me.